Thursday, April 19, 2007

Queen of Chaos

No, not Marge Piercy. Me. I just cannot get my act together. Toodling and bumbling all the way. Getting things done in minute increments: income tax, grant proposals, housework, finances, humdrum boring stuff. And not a tap of writing. The other day I decided to go AWOL. Stepped right out of my life and into a big fat novel. Didn't do a thing all day but read. Finished at 6:00 a.m. the next morning. This is the book. It is FABULOUS. Marge Piercy is fabulous. Set in a Jewish ghetto in 16th century Prague and a Jewish 'free town' (as opposed to the domed cities run by corporations) in 21st century post-global-warming North America, it presents a sweeping vision of the future along with a love story between a gorgeous cyborg/golem (who considers himself a Jew) and the woman who is helping him to blend into humanity. The only other book I have read of Piercy's is Woman on the Edge of Time, which is terrific also. I love that she can be lefty political and feminist while also telling a terrific story. The book makes you think big thoughts ... and yearn for your very own cyborg. Sigh.

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