Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Total Gross Out

Omigod, I just totally grossed myself out. Watched a little youtube video about a female praying mantis eating the male alive right after they had mated. She started with his head. And I just had my supper! I can't believe I watched it. Right to the horrible end. He even tried to get away, headless, but she caught him. Chomp. Chomp. Chomp. If you are like me and you just have to look follow the trail ... no, not of blood. I started by googling simondale because I was trying to find out why the link wasn't working from an earlier blog. (The site must be down.) Then I clicked on the Stumble Upon listing for simondale and got IMichaels who first posted simondale. He's the one who has the video on his blog list. Look, if you must. Shudder.


Sabrina said...

Haven't been blogging in a while...must tell you that every time I read your blog I want to jump on a plane to Ireland. It sounds so amazing...I want to meet a friend at a castle! I just hope that I get there before it's all gone...what can us Canadians do to help?

OR Melling said...

Ach, don't worry. They haven't paved it all over yet. Just the other day I went down to Naas to visit Finn's grandfather in a nursing home and we all headed out to Ballymore-Eustace for dinner in an old country hotel. From Naas to the village it was all winding roads and white May bushes and fields.