Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Not long back from Annaghmakerrig where I got everything done that I went to do (hurrah). Must get cracking and finish the Pullman paper due June 15. But of course I took the day off yesterday for a drumming workshop with John Bowker, held at the Chrysalis Centre in the Wicklow Mountains: The workshop was a gift from a friend who couldn't make it as she was ill and I have to say I benefited from her misfortune! In a group of 26 men and women, we began with basic rhythms and moved on to more complicated ones, i.e. African healing riffs. Fabulous. As the day progressed, we went outdoors into the sunshine and I ended up on the bass drums, using sticks, wearing my sunglasses. Spot the daughter of the jazz musician. Yeah man, I got into the groove.

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