Thursday, May 03, 2007

Little Black Cat

I am still recovering from the trauma of trying to rescue a poor little cat that was being savaged by a huge boxer with a spiked collar. I woke at 1:00 a.m. yesterday morning to the sound of screams. I thought it was two cats fighting - I am always rescuing my Hamish from fights, at this point I am "the crazy cat lady of Wolfe Tone Square" - so I pulled on a coat and ran out of the house in my pjs. Next minute I see this huge dog mauling a poor wee black cat, hardly more than a kitten. Without thinking, I ran over and screamed wildly at the dog until it let go of the cat who dragged itself away. (Lordy, only later did it occur to me that the dog could have gone for me and I didn't have a stick or broom or anything!) Alas, I didn't find the cat till the next morning and when I got it to the vet I was told it couldn't survive its horrific injuries and had to be put to sleep. I wept buckets thinking how cruel life is for so many animals and, of course, people too. A beautiful world, but hard also.

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