Sunday, June 24, 2007

Into the Dreaming

Went walkabout into the Dreamtime yesterday. Magic. Set off with my trusty sidekick Dave for a solstice ritual being held at Jampa Ling Buddhist Centre in County Cavan. As we passed Tara Hill on our way north, we decided to stop in and give our regards to the High Kings of Ireland. No sooner were we walking the great circuit of the mounds than I heard the sound of a rattle ringing out through the air. "He's doing a shamanic ritual!" I said, though I had no idea to whom I was referring. Off I ran, down the next hill and there, around a fairy tree, was a circle of people; and leading invocations to the Mother Earth and the SĂ­dhe was my own shamanic teacher, Martin Duffy, whom I hadn't seen in years. (You can check out his work on We stayed for the fairy blessings and then off we went to Jampa Ling for more magic. "Offering bath-puja" involved prayers in the shrine room with jugs of saffron water, mirrors, peacock feathers, green boughs, and silken scarves of blue and white. Then, in a long line following Des, who was blessing everything with holy water, we paraded out into the grounds, gardens, fields, and forest carrying sacred objects and sticks of incense while ringing bells, clanging cymbals, flashing mirrors, and chanting - om vajra sattva hum. Oh, and Damian was blowing on a huge conch. I swear, we looked and sounded like a fairy cavalcade.

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