Friday, June 22, 2007

New Life!

Utterly thrilling. Not long back from Dublin City, where I went to Hollis Street Maternity Hospital to meet my friend's new baby; a darling little boy with dark Tibetan eyes. Tashi delek, Sherab! Just wandering through the wards was a walk back through time and memories of the birth of my own beautiful Findabhair. I couldn't help but smile at all the new fathers, walking their babies in the halls, with such proud, abashed faces. And all the new mothers resting in their beds, smiling with satisfaction at the little cots beside them. Congratulations, I kept saying to them, how wonderful, how wonderful. In one room there was a cot with two fat babies in it. Oh my goodness, two! And the mother beamed happily. Yes, two! And we laughed. Dave was busily looking for our friend, but I wanted to see everybody's baby!

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