Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Work and Play

Fairly pleased with myself these days as I seem to be managing a decent balance between work and play. This weekend saw the new Harry Potter movie with Tony. (Love driving around in his Merc convertible even though it gives me Bridget Jones hair. Real posh.) Contrary to Finn's opinion - "crap" - I thought the film was brilliant. I loved the way the two different kinds of wizards were shown in swirls of black dust and white dust. Then Sunday, headed up Lugnaquillia, the highest peak in the Wicklow Mountains range, with my hillwalking gang. It is, of course, a major setting in The Light-Bearer's Daughter, so shoot over to my Book Blog for the series of photos taken up there. I do believe I am getting the hang of my digital camera, though truth to tell, I just point and click. I usually can't see a thing in the viewfinder. Here's a fairy tree and a huge puddle of water, more like a small lake, which we passed on our way up.


Anonymous said...

King Finvarra officially has a myspace now. So if you were intersted to see it go to this URL:
I had a lot of fun making it:D

OR Melling said...

WOW!I'll do a post about this on my Book Blog. Can't tonight, though, just in and knackered.