Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Baby Man

It's a cross between having a new love and a new baby, really. I think about him all the time and I'm exhausted looking after him. Last night was his first night in the house. He definitely caught my anxiety and was restless and making the weirdest coughing noises. But once I turned out the lights and settled down for the night, so did he. I could hear him snoring away in the kitchen. So far I have kept Bruce and Emma separate. I'm waiting for Finn to come home (surfing in Sligo before school starts next week) before we do a formal introduction in the same room at the same time. But they are both aware of each other, sniffing around places where the other has been and also through doors. This is all very new and exciting. Thank God I finished the book yesterday so I can concentrate on the living changes!


Anonymous said...

this is very exciting! I have been a HUGE fan of your work since, I believe it was grade six. Started with The Hunter's Moon, and I have read a few of the other Chronicles as well, but the Hunter's Moon has it for me.

Over the past few months by no coincidence, I'm sure, I have been reading a lot of books based in Ireland. Picking up The Hunter's Moon (again) must have been subconscious, but I'm feeling a distinct need to be there in Ireland. i almost want to do Gwen's journey!

It's so exciting to find your blog! i wasn't expecting to find such a personal link to you when I googled OR Melling.

If i do go to Ireland, can I ask you for pointers on where to go and where to stay and all that fun stuff?

Oh and an interesting twist... my name is Jenny(Raie), so I'm a Gwenhwyfar too!

Anonymous said...

Hello! I definatley wish you good luck on the cat and dog meetin togethor...I know what it's like...
As a puppy he was wanting to play with everything...including our 7 year old cat. She didn't like that so much and hit him a couple of times to show him his place.
I'm sure if that really worked...considering our dog still chases her whenever he see's her...but it's not so bad really! They are pretty civil to each other now and sometimes even sleep close togethor..never touching of course.
So good luck with your new puppy and with introducing your cat to him :)