Sunday, September 02, 2007

New Man in My Life

In a strange twist of fate, the family I had for Bruce pulled out at the last minute. Devastated, I thrust aside my fear of large dogs and took him for a walk with his former owner's granddaughter. Then I walked him the next day with Finn. And the day after that with my brother-in-law. And last night and this morning, alone. Guess what. Yes, you can see it coming, can't you. From being afraid of big dogs I am suddenly the proud owner of a fine big boxer. The Lonely Dog will be lonely no more. Lordy, I must be mad. But I have quite fallen in love with him and he follows me around like a puppy. (A giant puppy.) Being a cat-woman, I don't know anything about dogs, let alone big ones, so I have been reading up on boxers on the Internet. I was right to be distressed that he was alone so often. Boxers are extremely sociable and hate being left alone. I will have to ease him in slowly and get him and Emma to bond. Will also be counting on the advice of a good friend who has a big dog. (You know who you are.) What have I got myself into???!!!


Anonymous said...

Congrats about the new puppy!=)
I'm planning on writing my own story/book/novel about faeries...mine probally won't be as good as ures. I'm really really looking forward to the 4th chronicle of faerie 'The Book Of Dreams" when does iy come out anyway? ure booksmake me feel like I'm in Ireland I can totally see the faeries! ure the best!

OR Melling said...

Thanks a mill! So glad you like the books. The fourth one will be published in America in September 2008. (It's already out in Canada and Japan.) And good luck with your own writing.

Kailana said...

Congrats on the puppy! I have a golden retriever who is 12, so I am used to big dogs. It's little dogs I am not so fond of because they are so yappy! (Not all, just being general).

I had to laugh at where your book is out already in. Canada and Japan are quite different from one another! I am looking forward to the final rewrite so I can go back and reread the four books to see what is different, as I live in Canada, so have already had the pleasure of reading them once. :)

Anonymous said...

Chronicles of faerie are my favorite books! I live in canada so i have them all already:) And i have re-read it twice now and planning on doing it again. Your books made me think more about faeries and i decided to look up info all about them! I am currently growing into a strong believer and hope to see one someday! (Also planning to go to ireland soon)
Big dogs aren't so bad...but what can i say i have a small spaniel so it doesn't really compare to a boxer..but already he takes some work! So i wish you luck with your new dog and your writing!
Thanks :)

Michelle said...

A boxer? Wonderful! You will love him. Once he set his sights on you, love you're done for. My nephew has one. Apollo-our big baby, weighing in at about 95lbs, and he sometimes thinks he's a lap dog but he is the sweetest of all the dogs not to mention he gets along best with my cat.

Boxers are a great breed. They're good with kids, very mellow but loud enough and big enough to scare off some meanies if they come around. You'll love him, I'm sure it sounds like he's already got his hooks into you. I can't say a thing really having three dogs, a cat and horse. I'm the one who's mad!

Can't wait for the next installment! Loved, loved, loved the TLBD. Awesome read as usual. Write faster.

Waving hello from across the pond,

P.S. Glad you liked the music. I'm changing it up a bit on my blog. You can always shut it off if you hate it. *grin*

Sabrina said...

I loved reading these reactions from other readers because it was the same reaction I had the year The Hunter's Moon came out when I was in Junior High. Since then I have probably read it about 4 times, and like them, the beauty of your stories put Ireland at the top of my list of places to go! (The plan is for next summer)