Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Little Mosque on the Prairie

Finn and I have been watching a great sitcom on the Internet TV Links about the Muslim community in a small town in the Canadian west. It is indeed called "Little Mosque on the Prairie"! And it is hilarious viewing. I love all the characters, especially the arch-conservative Baber (on the far right beside the gorgeous young imam). He has some of the best lines. When they are arguing over when to start Ramadan, someone mentions how they determine moon rise in Saudi Arabia and Baber says, "the Saudis couldn't find the moon unless it had oil spurting out of it." And while some would say this show goes a long way towards de-demonizing Muslims and introducing them to those who know nothing about them, I've got to tell you Finn and I are watching it because it's really funny and quite endearing.

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deeshedee said...

I love this show! What a riot! here is the link to the CBC website. Check out Baber's Rant on vegetarianism.