Monday, October 01, 2007

Weekend Off

Spent the weekend in Jampa Ling, my favourite Buddhist Centre in Bawnboy, Co. Cavan. I love staying in the big Georgian house with its high ceilings, wooden shutters that close over the windows at night, wooden staircase, long carpeted corridors. My friend's baby was being blessed by the Rinpoche and there were lots of people there who brought food to share. The desserts were stunning - chocolate biscuit cake, chocolate cream cake, a really moist apple cinnamon tart with cinnamon sticks on top, an apple pie with puff pastry swirls, and thick slices of curranty bread slathered with butter, perfect for this time of year with a cup of hot milky tea. Had a little chat with the gardener whose family adopted Bruce. Eddie told me that Bruce follows everyone around the house and sometimes after he has had his dinner, he jumps into his bed (in the kitchen) and rolls around and makes the funniest noises. My heart nearly burst when I heard that. I can just imagine the once-lonely dog thinking to himself, "I can't believe my luck! Happy happy me!"

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