Monday, November 19, 2007

Cats and Dogs

Canadian cats are not as vicious as Irish ones. Go figure. I guess the aggression has been bred out of them. My friend in Toronto who has cats lets them outdoors and they don't come home beaten up (like poor Emma, who recently got clawed down her back as she tried to run away from some brute) or dead (like poor Hamish). My brother brought his cat - along with their dog, Moose - to Canada when he and his family returned after twenty years here. So the Irish cat has not only whupped all the cats in their neighbourhood into abject submission, but also the raccoons! (She probably considers them a breed of wonky-looking Canadian felines.) They should rename her Maeve, after the warrior-queen, or Grania, after the pirate. Meanwhile, Moose still looks up at the sky whenever an airplane goes by. A lot more goes on inside our pets' heads than we can imagine.

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