Wednesday, November 14, 2007


I was just reading one of my favourite bloggers - Paddy K in Sweden - and discovered that he no longer watches television. Many of his readers commented to say the same and I had to get in there and add my two cent worth (no 's' on euro cent). I disconnected our NTL cable several months ago when that company decided to charge an extra 2 euro to all customers who refused to sign up for direct debit. That kind of corporate blackmail just pissed me right off and I told them where to shove etc After the first two days of severe withdrawal, Finn and I are doing just fine. But NTL are not. They have been sending me increasingly hysterical letters asking about service problems, offering package deals, inquiring if I need anything. I have taken to sending back these regular letters with notes on the envelope, e.g. "Not Interested." "I have a life." "No longer a zombie." "Join the rebellion!" "Free Your Mind."

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Awww shucks! You're just too kind...!