Friday, December 07, 2007

A Writer's Nightmare

Well I finally caved and bought a mobile, i.e. cell phone to you North Americans; chiefly to stay in touch with Finn when away. In truth, I loathe the things, most specifically because of their direct influence on the war in the Congo. (Google the subject and you will find the truth. Also National Geographic did a big piece on this, so I am not just talking leftie politics.) Along with that, they are a destroyer of social interaction and good manners. I can't believe the number of people who cut off a conversation to answer their phones. That said, I now have one. So, the other day I was texting Finn and I pressed the wrong button somehow and next minute my phone goes into predictive text mode, of which I know NOTHING. Here's how it went:
Text from me: Hiddelllss bacon mphff......
Finn reply: Momma that you?
Text from me: Hna bmrnt lab.
Finn reply: What????
Then I discovered a way to edit a word.
Text from me: Abtme frrrt help predictive mnofp....
Finn reply: Ha ha will fix when home xxx
It was a writer's nightmare. Sucked into alphabetical quicksand. Drowning in my own syllables. Communication wipe-out. Totally weird. And hilarious.


sandi said...

my husband hates the predictive text mode.
I have one of the new LG Voyagers that has a qwerty keyboard on the inside. I have come to really like it.

welcome to the txting age :)

Anonymous said...


I, too, despise the foul contraptions. But of course, I own one as well, if for no other reason than to use as a walkie-talkie.

Terry Findlay said...

As odd as it may seem, given my technonerd status, I don't yet own a cell phone. I say 'yet' because I am thinking that one would be handy occasionally. But then again, I've been saying that for a couple of years now.

From what you say, I think that mode should be called "completely unpredictable" mode.

OR Melling said...

To make matters worse, I was trying to predict what the predict programme wanted in terms of letters to form a word even as it was trying to predict what I wanted. I guess we cancelled each other out, though we did get bacon and lab.

Anonymous said...

Even worse than mobiles are hands-frees. At least when a person is holding their hand to their head you know that they are on the phone, but the horrible hands-frees remove even that basic clue.

And as for those bloody bluetooth plug-in-the-ear things - oh boy, don't even get me started...