Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Security Warning: Norton!

I've just wasted three days trying to download an extra Norton product - Norton Security Works - which they don't warn you involves uninstalling your entire Norton Security system first! And despite various efforts to do the latter, even with technical advice from their chat lines, I did not succeed. So finally I requested a refund for this useless item and they tell me, no, you can only have a refund for the whole thing, i.e. your renewal subscription and the useless thing. That, of course, was the last straw. So I've cancelled all of it and I am going McAfee. Not that I ever wanted Norton in the first place. I requested McAfee when I purchased my Dell computer but I guess they have some arrangement with Norton. Right now, I am pissed off with all of them.


Anonymous said...


Try the AVG free edition at http://free.grisoft.com/

I too dislike Norton. I found AVG works quite well for my needs. You can get a free edition or a paid subscription. The paid subscription is a bit more extensive, including a firewall and so so forth.

Good luck.

OR Melling said...

Thanks for the tip! But so far Norton hasn't cancelled my subscription (though they gave me my money back) so maybe I'll hang on to them a little longer. (I'm what the Irish call a 'chancer.')