Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Happy Dog

Meant to mention in post below. On Sunday I also popped by Eddie the gardener's house to visit Bruce. He remembered me! I hugged him and kissed him and he wagged his tail like mad and licked my face and slobbered all over me and I was just bursting with happiness to see him settled and happy in his new home. He didn't seem so huge in the big warm living room and the girls told me stories about him (he was listening the whole time, delighted), about how funny and affectionate he is. When Eddie was sick, Bruce stayed by his side the whole time. When anyone lies on the floor to watch TV (there are six kids in the house and they all adore him and he adores them), he lies down beside them. The littlest girl sometimes climbs into his great bed and lies down beside him! It's a happy ending to a sad story and I am so glad to have been part of it.


Anonymous said...

Hi O.R. Melling! My name is Maddie. You probably don't remember me, but I met you at The Bookstall in Winnetka IL where my sister works. Her mane is Colleen and she is incharge of the children's fantasy section. I usually read your blog every few days because you always have something interesting posted. I havn't for the last few days because my dog just died yesterday. I just looked and saw the post called Happy Dog and I coudn't beleive it. It made me think of how much I loved my dog and how great she was.

OR Melling said...

Oh, Maddie, I am so sorry to hear about your dog. Your poor heart must be broken. I don't know what your belief system may be, but I do believe that animals have souls and that I will meet again all the sweet creatures who entered my life - hamsters, rabbits, cats, dogs!

OR Melling said...

PS Say hello to your sister for me!