Thursday, February 28, 2008

Insomnia Rules

One of the compensatory things about insomnia is those nights when you head downstairs, get a bowl of cornflakes, and turn on the television. There's usually something strange on, especially now when I only have the four Irish channels faintly received by my half-assed indoor antenna. I often find myself in the midst of some weird film like that gruesome one about the young space soldiers fighting giant bugs (I felt sorry for the bugs, it being their planet afterall) or that strange Lovecraft movie I watched to the end without ever understanding it, or that old RTE black-and-white production of Ulysses with Cyril Cusack as Bloom peeking through the keyhole as his wife Molly had sex while shouting out her famous soliloquy (given the soap opera crap RTE churns out these days, it was an amazing production! made in the 50s, I think). Sometimes it's reruns of The Panel (love dem lads) or Cold Case which I also love though the story-lines are oh so lame and she definitely got a face lift by the second season. Last night turned up this gem. RTE redeeming itself with a programme called Other Voices. It's music from the outer fringe. At first I thought I was looking at archives from the 60s/70s what with the reconstituted hippies and the young old-rock boys. But nope, it was 21st century footage.Sinéad O'Connor was brilliant, but Seasick Steve, coming into his own in his sixties (hup ye boyo!)was definitely the best. Here he is in all his glory. If you want to see the whole show go here:

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