Thursday, March 20, 2008


What did Yeats say? A terrible beauty is born. Well, in modern Ireland, it's the opposite. A terrible ugliness is breeding. We've got motorways ploughing through the sacred lands of Tara and we've got utterly bizarre and inappropriate buildings sicked up here and there. Case in point: this cube. My jaw dropped when I saw it. No points for guessing the architect of this bit of architorture was a Star Trek fan. But who let him - I'm going to go out on a limb here and assume that a man did this - inflict his little fantasy on the landscape? I'm not saying it isn't an interesting building, but look at what it faces:


Anonymous said...

Why do people do that? Everyone knows that Ireland is famous for it's beautiful land and ancient architecture. Doing this ruins the beauty of Ireland. Certain places just don't look good with architecture like that. Let' face it, no place looks nice with architecture like that.

Jon M said...

Pretty grim!

OR Melling said...

Actually, I do think it's a fascinating structure; it just doesn't suit its environs and surely architecture must be more holistic and take into account its surroundings.I've got some more eyesores coming up.