Saturday, March 29, 2008

Shame on Canada!

Yesterday was the beginning of the annual Canadian seal "hunt." I put that in quotations because you can hardly call smashing in the heads of baby seals as they lie on the ice beside their mothers hunting. Despite scientific evidence that the increased quota for the killing of harp seal pups - as young as 3 weeks old! - is endangering the species, the Canadian government continues to approve this cruel and unnecessary slaughter. Ignoring the reality of a diminishing market for seal pup fur, not to mention both country-wide and international outrage, Canadian politicians bow to powerful hunting lobbies and the ridiculous notion that this is somehow a 'manly,' outdoorsy, Canadian event. Belgium and the Netherlands have already banned all seal products while Germany, Italy, and Austria are considering doing the same. Hopefully all of Europe will soon follow suit. The seal fur industry is already in crisis, with a saturated market and the price of seal pelts halved; yet the Canadian government insists on propping up this immoral trade. I could have included a video here of the slaughter that began yesterday, but I just can't. It's too sickening. And this has nothing to do with being a wuss. This is the soul's reaction to the senseless slaughter of young animals, all 275,000 of them. The Canadian seal slaughter is the largest annual killing of marine animals in the world. It is also specifically singled out for its cruel and inhumane methods of inflicting death. For more information go the IFWA, International Fund for the Welfare of Animals, and click on Canada.


Unknown said...

Check out to see the graphic seal hunt footage on HSUS's and IFAW's video channels. It is just horrible!

Anonymous said...

The "hunt" is absolutely sickening. Murdering young seal pups -- why? WHY!?!?