Thursday, May 01, 2008

Fairy Amphitheatre

I've been blogging over on my Book Blog about doing creative writing workshops this week at Killruddery House, a beautiful stately home just around the corner from me (!). It's where Lord and Lady Meath live. When you are on the estate - which is open to the public from May to September, see - you have no idea there is a town nearby. It's as if you are out in the middle of the countryside. Here is one of the many fabulous elements of the vast garden. It is a natural amphitheatre where they put on plays. I saw A Midsummer Night's Dream there years ago. You bring a mat or blanket and a little picnic and you sit on the grassy banks and watch the play unfold on the lawn. Utterly magical!


Anonymous said...

Oh my Fred! That is so pretty!!!!! I can only imagine how much more awesome A Midsummer Night's Dream was!

Anonymous said...

that is GORGEOUS! i will have to visit when i come in September. Keep the recommendations coming! I hope to travel a lot, when i get time off work.

thank you for inspiring me to come. your books have been drawing me to Ireland for years now.