Saturday, June 07, 2008

Derelict Dublin

Here's an interesting blogsite that Swedish Paddy (as I call him) has featured: It comes under the "horrors of modern Ireland" theme that I began with my Architorture One (more to come, honestly). I'm hoping this blogger won't give up the cause, though I note the last entry was in April. What is being shown is the ugly side of the Celtic Tiger - developers, government corruption, greed, land speculation, fragmented communities, and people losing their shirts and their homes.


Anonymous said...

It looks abandoned. Is it supposed to?

Em said...

The industrial sprawl around Dublin horrified me. I was desperate to get back to Cork. Now I'm Cork I get frantic to go back to Canada. Are there any good ol' woods in Ireland? I saw some encouragingly thick stands of pine around Kilkenny but down here it's all bundles of deciduous prettiness that one can't really get lost in. Gougane Barra was okay, but you can really tell that the trees have been there less than a century.

Irelandseye said...

Or how about Irelands first Urban Exploration site