Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Lisbon Treaty Dilemma

Here I am, two days before the big vote and, like so many Irish people, I am wavering back and forth. I want to vote YES because I support a United States of Europe. I believe this is the best way forward into the 21st century. As someone who grew up in federalist and multicultural Canada, I know this can work. A strong Europe is needed to help balance the power in the world and to confront global warming, global corporations, and global security issues. However, I am genuinely and gravely concerned that the Irish people are the ONLY people in Europe who have the right to vote on this turning point in history! That every other European country has refused its people the right to have a say in the matter makes my nostrils twitch (is there a rat in the room?) and urges me to vote NO. I swear, I can see myself in the polling both, my hand wavering over the two boxes, praying for inspiration.


Anonymous said...

Thank You for saying: No! In fact, I think the same. If Europe will be a democratic Community it has to ask the people. I had no chance to say Yea or No and that is reason enough for not supporting this Treaty. United Europe Yes, but a Europe for and from the people and not for the politics. J├╝rgen from Germany

OR Melling said...

It's going to be very interesting to see what happens now. Will Ireland be punished for this? Will the Treaty, aka the Constitution go ahead without us, proving once and for all the gigantic democratic deficit? Will the people of Europe wake up and realize what is happening?