Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Seaweed Bath

Not long back from a flying visit to Sligo and Roscommon to see friends. Annie Espana and I headed off to Strandhill for seaweed baths, thanks to a Christmas voucher from Colum. Check out the place: Great for a detox and relax if you are ever in the area. You get your own steam room and then you climb into a big bath of hot water filled with the kind of sea wrack and bladder wrack you see in this picture. The water feels absolutely gorgeous, soft and oiled. We were also in Boyle, where Annie used to run a coffee shop before heading off for Alicante with her family. As the town was one of the settings in The Hunter's Moon, I've posted some pics over on my Book Blog.

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J R said...

thanks for reminding me to get out my copy of the Hunter's Moon to plot my Irish journey!