Saturday, October 25, 2008

US Elections

I rarely make political comments on my blog which is strange as I am actually a strong politico. Always have been. One of the reasons I don't is that I am quite cynical about politicians and political parties. It's so obvious that there are good and bad people in every camp. Also, quite frankly, any major established party is heavily backed by business and other monied and powerful interests, so ultimately that is who they serve, not the people who elect them. That said, I would love to see Barack Obama as President of the United States; but whether he can or will bring real change remains to be seen. One thing's certain though, McCain and that crazy woman won't.


KJH said...

You know, I actually read a report from a doctor who said that McCain has a one in four chance of surviving the next ten years, given his health. If he is elected, there's a strong chance Palin could be president. As a crazy radical feminist, I am horrified that America could be plunged into a Dark Ages nightmare! Global warming won't exist, dinosaurs will be a figment of everyone's imagination and women won't even be human. Scary!

Anonymous said...

"That crazy woman" -- ha, love it! So true.

OR Melling said...

I used to be a crazy radical feminist. Now I'm a mellower one, entirely due to age and stage of course! I like to see women in power, but gender politics is a dubious thing, and it's madness to think just because someone is a woman it means she will be good.