Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Cold But Good

Not long back from Christmas skite into the West. First stop was the hilly wilds of County Sligo and Finn's Dad's big round house. Finn was working the day before Christmas Eve so we left in the Christmasmobile late that night. The car was strewn with tinsel and the singing Santa head went in the back with the stuffed cat. We had hot punch in a flask, mince pies and chocolate treats, and sang along with the carols on the tapedeck. Yeah, we're Christmas bunnies (or is that reindeer? elves?) It was a good journey up and we arrived in time for soup and bed. Christmas Day itself was great - lots of guests, food, charades, and watching of films (Mama Mia & Once). We relaxed St Stephens's Day and then headed further west and south for Ballyvaughan, County Clare. Here's a photo of window of house there and the Burren hills beyond. Not long back. There's a new year's party and then it's down to work. I've a ton of it for 2009 - books and film projects. More about that on my Book Blog. HAVE A GOOD ONE, Y'ALL!

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