Monday, December 22, 2008

Dorky Christmas Songs

Jaze, the Christmas tree is starting to look a little wilted. That's Finn's fault. She makes us get it early. I'm wrapping the last of my presents and listening to various seasonal albums. Some thoughts on the lyrics of same:
1) I wish it could be Christmas every day. Really? Ham and turkey and pudding and custard every day? Spending more money that you've got every day? Cooped up with your family every day? Hmm.
2) There won't be snow in Africa this Christmas. Duh. And since the song is part of Bandaid's 'Feed the World' one would think that no snow would be a good thing for, say, refugees in tents who are used to subtropical weather.
3) He (a spaceman) hung in the sky like a star. Whoa. Should we put ET figurines in our crib scenes along with the Magi? (Are angels really aliens?) Skip the Birth of Christ, the big story here is the alien with a message that goes "nah nah nah nah nah nah nah."
4) Keep the vampires from your door. And this is on a Christmas album why?
5) How did Christmas Day become "Saviour's Day." Not that St Cliff can do any wrong. Didn't he write that song "Our Father"?
Okay, enough seasonal cynicism.
That's a wrap.


sandi said...

I just finished my wrapping a little while ago. I didn't listen to holiday songs, though.

"Keep the vampires from your door"?? What song is this from? If the vamps are anything like the 'Twilight' vamps, I say BRING EM ON! :)

I hope you have a nice holiday :)

OR Melling said...

You too, Sandi. Happy Christmas! (That's what they say here in Ireland, actually, instead of 'merry.') The song is Frankie Goes to Hollywood's "The Power of Love." It's on a Best Christmas Hits album. Weird, eh?