Friday, December 12, 2008

The Silly Season

Yes, I am well into the Christmas madness, though keeping calm for the most part. (Meditation, methinks.) The tree is up, there
are lights sparkling in the window, an old-fashioned crib scene in the porch window (I'm a Christian Buddhist, go figure), 'winter magic' oil burning in the snowman scenter, decorations all over the place, turkey ordered, plans confirmed for trips to Naas (Finn's granddad in nursing home) and then Sligo for Christmas in the Gyreum ( Hope it snows, but not before we get there! I confess I am not doing cards this year. Will get back to them next year. Sorry about that folks, but something had to give! Here's a pic of the ginger bread house Finn and her cousin, Alice, made last year. They'll be making another one this year.

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