Monday, December 08, 2008


Actually, the American bizarro got cut from the film (good editing) and it is quite an excellent documentary. Though it is clearly dealing with the nightmare of a motorway being ploughed through the valley of Tara, the film is not a straightforward protest piece. Instead, the Director explores the bigger questions of control and domination of sacred territory, the archetype of male kingship dominance over female goddess landscape, historical patterns in the will to power over Tara, and so on. The layers show how the ancient northern kings of the Ui Neill, Daniel O'Connell the Catholic Liberator, the British Israelites, Maude Gonne and the Celtic Renaissance, Eamonn De Valera and the Irish Republican movement, all used Tara as a focal point for their efforts to influence the Irish nation. And who is now wielding control over our holy ground? A Spanish consortium and EU funds. As the film shows, this road and the destruction of Irish heritage comes straight from Brussels. The doc is mostly in Irish - hurrah! - but there are English subtitles. I think you can view it online if you go to TG4's website. It's a wonderful production using clips from old movies and news reels as well as interviews and lots of on site action with the protestors. Very sad though. Modern Ireland is a mess. Hopefully the recession will bring the uglification of this beautiful land to a halt.

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