Saturday, January 03, 2009

New Year's Resolutions

It's a tradition, so here goes.
1) make more money!
2) return to set-dancing classes
3) return to gym
4) make more money!
5) complete as many of my new projects as possible - books and film
6) begin my relationship with Findhorn - Experience Week soon and a month in the summer
7) make more money!
8) investigate possibilities of learning to play bagpipes (seriously)
9) by the end of the year, move out of Bray
Now I must pop back to last January and see if I did anything I said I would do in 2008.

Okay, I'm back. Well I did some of the stuff, i.e. Tai Chi classes, got going on new book (in fact two new books!), have no idea what the wonderful thing was I'm referring to (Jaze, maybe the film deal that fell through?), didn't move West yet, alas ... I need more money to do that ...


sandi said...

If you learn to play bagpipes, post a video for us! :)

When a dear friend died a few years ago they had someone play Amazing Grace on the bagpipes. It was one of the most mournful sounds.

OR Melling said...

I LOVE the bagpipes. A piper friend of mine in Canada says an 83year old man joined his band and learned to play the pipes and is now quite good. That gave me hope! Best wishes for a great 2009 yourself.