Monday, May 18, 2009

Enjoying Sundays

The blog I entered yesterday kept half-deleting itself, I think because of the youtube posting below it, so I'll rewrite it here:
One of the problems with being self-employed, along with the constant financial insecurity, is that there are no boundaries between boss and worker, and the former is usually a slave driver. Sure I can go off on adventures whenever I feel like it and my time's my own, but it has taken me years to wrest basic rights from myself like a one-hour lunch break and a 6-day work week. (What? There are 5-day work weeks?!) Sunday is my day off, yet there I was thinking of writing - I'm in love with my new book - but I caught myself in time. Instead I went for dinner with a friend and then we headed off to see STAR TREK. It was FABULOUS. I laughed out loud at so many parts. The young Spock, the young Uhuru and the young Scotty were my favourites.

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Anonymous said...

Oh I totally loved the new Star Trek movie too! ^_^ I thought that the younger versions of the classic characters.