Saturday, May 09, 2009

Research With Horses

The main character in my new adult book has made it quite clear to me that she is a horsewoman even though I, alas, am not. This means I have had to read a lot of books about horses and also to get out there and meet with friends who are horse-lovers and horse owners. (Yes, this is the kind of thing writers do. It's a bit like being a method actor!) Of course I am scared to death of the great and noble creatures, so the best I can do is clean out their stables and admire them from afar. Two of the most amazing books I have read are The Irish Draught Horse, A History, ed. by Mary McGrath and Joan Griffiths (Collins, Cork, 2005) which includes articles on everything under the sun, including folklore and legend (as Irish books are wont to do) and The Undisciplined Horse by Ulrik Schramm (J.A. Allen, London, 1986) which goes on wonderful rants against cruel riders and mistreatment of horses. Can't wait to read The Tao of Equus by Linda Kohanov (New World Library, 2001).

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