Tuesday, May 05, 2009


My family - both in Canada and Ireland - is subject to passing fads and obsessions which we all share. We are sci fi and fantasy mavens, fans of Star Trek since the days it was televised in black-and-white and just as fanatical about other series like the Gatetarn Robin Hood (mentioned below) and, of course, Stargate. Recently my sister Tallie bought all the Stargate DVDs, ten seasons, plus the three films, the first one with Kurt Russell and James Spader and the two newer ones Continuum and The Arc of Truth. Well, I swear to God, we are all bug-eyed! Finn even has her boyfriend hooked. And of course there are the usual debates: Who is better - Jack or Cam? Sam or Vala? General Landry or General Hammond? T'ilk with hair or no hair? The movie Daniel Jackson or the television Daniel Jackson? (Both are mighty fine as thinking women's crumpets go.) My favourite episodes are the ones involving the Multiple World Theory of quantum mechanics, where there is an infinite number of dimensions in which we act out the choices and diverse paths that confront us in the course of our lives. Fabulous head spins and brain twisters. Brilliant writing, too, I might add - the storylines, the characters, the dialogue, the humour, the pathos. It's my treat at the end of a working day, so I'm off now: Season 2, Disc 6. (And yeah, I've just finished work, going on midnight. Sigh.)


Anonymous said...

You're getting into Stargate! Oh you are in for a wonderful treat. 10 seasons and three movies...hours and hours of entertainment. The extras are pretty cool too.

As to the debates...

Cameron is better than Jack
Sam and Vala are both great
Hammond is better then Landry
Teal'c with hair is better because he talks more.
Michael Shanks as Daniel Jackson is WAY better than James Spader (who looks nothing like Daniel now) and Michael Shanks is a sweetie too...met him at a convention once, he's SOO tall!

My favourite episodes are ones that deal with time travel or Daniel. Any Daniel episode is a favourite of mine--and the Vala/Daniel dynamic is just the best.

And you do know that there's Stargate: Atlantis too right? It only lasted for five seasons, half the length of its sister show and I would highly recommend watching seasons one through three. Seasons four and five are alright but the best writing is seasons one through three.

And then there's the new series Stargate: Universe that should be airing this fall. It's a younger edgier version of the parent Stargate: SG1 show so who knows how it's going to be but I'm excited to watch it.

^_^ Have fun with season 2 disc six. The episodes on that disc are great. ^_^

tallie said...

Atlantis is pretty good, but I skipped season 4 as every episode seemed to centre on Rodney all the time. And he is a right pain in the butt, to put it mildly. Will get the box set when it comes out at a good price, also looking forward to the Stargate:Atlantis movie that should hit the tv screen in June (supposedly). Not so sure I would be into Stargate Universe, dont know about America but that was a cartoon show over in Ireland.

tallie said...

Oops!! That was stargate:infinity not universe!. Not that I ever watched it, ran across it on the television one morning after my shift finished.

OR Melling said...

What! Nobody is better than Jack!!! And, Tallie, can you believe they made pain-in-the-butt Rodney a Canadian? The cheek. Btw this is basically a Canadian production. Amanda Tapping and Michael Shanks are both Canadian. The original producers were Canadian and most of the crew and cast and it was all shot in and around Vancouver. (Hey I brag about Irish stuff, I brag about Canadian stuff.)

tallie said...

Yeah, too bad they didnt make Sheppard a Canook. But then his past deeds in Iraq(?) would never have happened.