Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tesco Ireland is Tesco England

Well here I am, first thing in the morning, ready for a rant. I was eating my porridge and thinking, "gad, this tastes awful, why did Flahavans go and change their product?" Being me, I decided to ring them and ask (okay, demand) why they had to mess with a good thing. The matter was soon cleared up. I had actually bought another brand of organic porridge - hey, we take our oats out of the package and put them in a container - because Tesco Ireland has decided to stop stocking this wonderful home-grown Irish product made by a wonderful home-grown Irish family business ( and are only buying English brands. Given the state of our economy this is infuriating. Even Tesco Ireland (I use the term loosely) needs the Irish economy to improve so that its customers have more money to spend. Surely supporting Irish small businesses is crucial in these times? Well, feck them, I am off to shop in Dunnes where they still stock the best. (And no, this is not a paid advertisement. What's that? How do I eat it? With apple chunks and raisins, plus maple syrup and milk.)

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