Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Church of the Raw Food

Went to a raw food talk and demonstation at a friend's house the other day. I'm always interested in alternative lifestyles not to mention a new recipe or two. Finn was vegetarian for years - chiefly on the basis of animal rights and not liking to 'eat flesh' - so I was too, except when I travelled or visited my mother. In the latter cases, I confess, I always fell on any meat with glad cries, especially a rasher sambo. Not big on steak, mind you. My vegetarian household was reflected in my writing as my characters became increasingly vegetarian. Back to the raw food demo. Firstly, I have to say that anyone I have ever known who ate this way solely - including the guy who gave the talk - always looked malnourished, too thin for their body height, and of a sickly pallor. Words like 'robust' and 'healthy' just wouldn't apply. That said, it was very exciting to try wheatgrass for the first time. Seriously green and grassy! At one point we sat down to plates of food including dehydrated pizza base with various vegetable toppings and lettuce rolls with bean sprout fillings. For a moment I thought, "omigod, I'm a rabbit." I swear I caught a look of sympathy from the dog who was looking in the window at us. Did get some great recipes, though, including avocado and pine nut dip (soak your pine nuts overnight, blend and flavour to taste) and banana 'ice cream' which was simply bananas peeled and frozen then blended into a creamy paste. YUM.

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