Monday, August 31, 2009

Doolin Ferries

I should have known things were dodgy when Doolin Ferries charged us an extra 10 euro over the price advertised on their website (a price, I might add, which I had also confirmed on the telephone). When we got to the other side we discovered that those with Irish accents paid less. "We are a private company, we can charge what we like," said the owner when I complained. Then, when we returned two days later, we discovered our car - left in the car park just in front of the ferry dock - was broken into and there was an attempt to hot-wire it. (Idiot criminal, as you can't hot-wire a Ford apparently). There were no signs anyway to warn that this might be a bad place to leave your car without an armed guard. Well that will be the last time I am going near Doolin Ferries. Next time I go to Inis Oirr, I go via Rossaveal in Connemara.

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