Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Insane Leaps of Logic

I just heard recently from a friend in the business that Hollywood has determined that the disastrous failure of both The Golden Compass and Inkheart films was due to the fact they had girl leads. Nothing to do, of course, with bad scripts and bad direction and tedious mind-numbing one-dimensional reductions of exquisitely complex and multi-layered books! When The Dark is Rising film failed for the latter reasons did anyone say it had to do with the fact the main character was a boy? Of course not. The default mode in our civilisation - be it religion, society, arts or whatever - is blame the female. And what is the upshot of this latest leap of Hollywood logic (those two words together are a contradiction in terms)? A big reject stamp on anything with a young female lead. Go figure.


sandi said...

I enjoyed the Golden Compass but the book was so much better.
Inkheart, however, was terrible and it had nothing to do with a female lead. Actually, I never thought of Meggie being the lead character in that story.

What's their excuse for the pitiful film that was Eragon?

OR Melling said...


Anonymous said...

Now see, I thought that 'The Golden Compass' movie was horrible because of the simplified plot and the fact that they left out the ending.

As for 'Inkheart' I loved it! I like Sandi never saw Meggie as being the lead in the movie (I haven't read the book) but Mort.

And as for stuff failing because of the female leads...I love female leads. I feel that children's literature is too saturated with male leads what with such huge sucessess like Harry Potter and stories like them.

I think that having a female lead taps into the other half of the children demographic. That's why I love your books! They have female leads and were so much more appealing to me.


OR Melling said...

Thank, A Barone. Have you read Garth Nix's Sabriel series? Fabulous female leads! But no sign of a movie.

sandi said...

Oh! Based on your recommendation, I just finished Sabriel. I LOVE IT! I am about to start the next in the series. Thanks!