Saturday, August 15, 2009

Last Post for the Night

Yep, it's just past 3:30 am and I'm only finishing up now before I head for the leaba (Irish for 'bed). What am I doing awake and on the computer at this hour? Finally finished Chapter 26 of new book (adult, 'spiritual fiction' for wont of a better label). I'm determined to reach Chapter 30 before I head off for Inis Oirr, Gaeltacht island off the west coast of Ireland, the smallest of the famed Aran Islands, next week. I should be in Spain right now but mothers don't go off on holidays when their kids are sick, no matter how old they are. (The kids, I mean, not the mothers, and she's on the mend, buiochas le Dia.) Have postponed that trip till October. Meanwhile, here's a hilarious image I swiped from one of the blogs I love to read - Paddy K, an Irishman living in Sweden (how's that for a strange mix). He writes hilarious rants that make me laugh but also, like all true comics, gets serious from time to time. There was something else I was going to say but my brain is mush and it's gone from me. Ah well. OĆ­che mhaith agus good night! (Practising the oul teanga before I head off.)

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paddy said...

Yippee, a plug! Much obliged!