Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Anniversary of the Rescue of the Danish Jews

It was this very week, in 1943, that the Danish people showed themselves to be infinitely morally superior to the rest of the West by their refusal to co-operate with Nazi Germany in the deportation and murder of their Jewish citizens. Warned by a German diplomat (one of the Righteous) that an order had been passed to arrest Denmark's some 8,000 Jews, a spontaneous nationwide rescue effort ensued in which thousands of Danish Jews were transported to safety in neutral Sweden. The 500 Danish Jews who were captured ended up in Terezin, a 'show piece' concentration camp ghetto in Czechoslovakia. Of these, all but 51 survived due to food parcels sent from the Danish government and its constant pressure on the German government not to transport Danish citizens to the death camps. On top of that, when the Danish Jews returned home, unlike the Jews of other nations, they found that their properties had not been robbed and vandalised. Their Danish neighbours had cared for their houses, gardens and pets. I mean, my God, shouldn't there be studies to figure out why these people were so much better than the rest of us? How did goodness and humanity triumph in Denmark while evil and collusion with evil reigned everywhere else? I've always been an admirer of the Danes, a nation who has words like rummelig, meaning "bigness of perspective, tolerance, and willingness to think big thoughts." Yes, indeed, big thoughts like courage, justice, mercy, goodness, and love for your fellow human beings. Well done, Denmark. (Photo credit: US Holocaust Museum)

Sunday, September 27, 2009

What is the Prime Minister of Canada Reading?

By rights I should be posting this on my Book Blog but there's loads going on over there as it is. And no, this is not a pic of what's-his-name, the right-wing Bushite Prime Minister of Canada, but Yann Martel, the author of the amazing Booker-winning Life of Pi. Martel has set up a website covering his personal project to enlighten said PM by sending him books to read: http://www.whatisstephenharperreading.ca. He (Martel) is also publishing a book on this subject. I heard him speak at the Canadian Embassy last year. The man has a truly massive intellect. You can see him struggling to be patient with the mental processes of mere mortals who can't think as fast or as on as many levels simultaneously as he does. Nope, this isn't tongue in cheek. Some people find him arrogant. I think he's a raving genius. And he's easy on the eyes. Let's face it, most male writers are pretty hopey-looking.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

An Bord Snip Nua, NAMA etc

There's no doubt about it. We have returned to ye olden days when the peasants groan under horrific taxes to pay for the excesses of the wealthy. Not a single banker or developer has been charged for the fraud and thievery that has beggared our economy. Not a single politician or head of a state body found guilty of outrageous spending of the tax payer's money has been charged or even penalised. Yet the ordinary man and woman of Ireland is already paying and paying and will do so even more when the December budget comes in. King John and the Sheriff of Nottingham are fleecing the populace. Where's Robin Hood, Maid Marian and other heroes of the people?

Friday, September 11, 2009

Norton Internet Security

Ok I didn't order this system, in fact I ordered McAfee as my computer man recommended but Dell automatically inflicts Norton on its customers. When I requested the system I ordered, it never arrived! Anyhoo, lately my Norton Internet System just disappears off my computer. I uninstall and re-install and it hangs around for a few days, then takes off again. When I contacted Norton Support, they tried to tell me I have a virus and wanted to sell me something to fix it. No explanation how I got a virus with their security system! Point is: there's nothing wrong with my computer, only my Norton Internet Security!!! What a con. Question: anybody using the freebies provided - AVG, Avista etc? Any recommendations? Or maybe I just accept I got shafted by Dell and Norton and buy some McAfee?

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Classy Lady

I love when people step outside the lines and speak up for noble causes like truth and liberty. Laura Bush, ex-First Lady, teacher and librarian, has come out in favour of President Obama's speech to school children. So much for all those mean-minded scare-mongering opposition partisans and bigots who are simply using this event as an excuse to whip up hatred and anti-democratic sentiment. Shame on them and bravo to such a classy lady.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

The Lisbon Treaty - When is No not a No?

This is democracy in Ireland and Europe: you get to vote in a referendum on a subject and then you get to vote again because you didn't give the correct answer the first time. Let's be clear about this matter. The Lisbon Treaty is a new constitution for the European Community. However, it is called a "treaty" so that all the people of the other European countries don't get to vote on it. Only Ireland. Because our constitution is stronger, apparently, than any other European country. Our economy isn't, but that's another matter. No, it's not another matter. Our government, the Yes people and the governments of Europe - i.e. those governments who won't let their own people vote on the matter - are unashamedly telling the Irish people that if we don't vote Yes we will pay for it. Europe won't bail us out of the mess our Yes government has got us into along with their banker and developer pals. (Again, I say, this is democracy?) As for the guide the Yes government has sent out to supposedly educate us on the treaty - as if we weren't educated the last time - it is a shameless piece of propaganda masquerading as impartial material written by an "independent body" (only coincidententally financed by the Yes government). They are even up to subliminal tricks. Check out the pink-tie chairman's intro at the beginning of the pamphlet, 3rd para, last line. The word "vote" is almost right under "yes" in the previous sentence and a safe distance away from "no." Indeed, when I read that sentence I actually read "we strongly encourage you to vote yes." Tricky slicky politikies. I voted No last time and I will vote No again. I even know some Yes voters who are voting No because they are pissed that we are voting again. The democratic deficit in the present European set-up laid bare! And may I ask whatever happened to the opposition in this country? The Greens have sold their souls for power - only two left, in goverment, the rest of them wiped out in the last election - and Labour's leader, Eamon Gilmore clearly said "the Treaty is dead" after the last referendum and there he is like the rest of the sleeveens, asking us to vote Yes again. Our forefathers are rolling over in their graves. This is what they died for? A parcel of rogues in a nation.