Friday, September 11, 2009

Norton Internet Security

Ok I didn't order this system, in fact I ordered McAfee as my computer man recommended but Dell automatically inflicts Norton on its customers. When I requested the system I ordered, it never arrived! Anyhoo, lately my Norton Internet System just disappears off my computer. I uninstall and re-install and it hangs around for a few days, then takes off again. When I contacted Norton Support, they tried to tell me I have a virus and wanted to sell me something to fix it. No explanation how I got a virus with their security system! Point is: there's nothing wrong with my computer, only my Norton Internet Security!!! What a con. Question: anybody using the freebies provided - AVG, Avista etc? Any recommendations? Or maybe I just accept I got shafted by Dell and Norton and buy some McAfee?


Anonymous said...

I hate Norton, too and don't like McAfee much better. I use AVG free and quite like it. I use another freebie for anti-spyware, too, Ad-Aware. Good luck! And I adore your books, by the way!

sandi said...

We use AVG on the computers at our house and don't seem to have any problems with it

tallie said...

I used to have Norton (didn't get my computer from Dell) but didn't like it. Use Eset Nod32 now, and haven't looked back.

james morrison said...

Dia dhuit,

Bainim uasaid as AVG....Ta se thar bharr,ach is'luddite'me.Ni raibh me in ann dul sios go dti Signal ar an oiche ach chuala me go raibh tu ana shuimiul. B'fheidir go mbeidh anseo aris.

Jim Morrison, Signal Arts Centre

OR Melling said...

Ní mise a bhí ag caint, a Shéamais, ach Sharon Butala, údar as Ceanada. Bhí sí go h'íontach. Feic mo bhlog eile, "Book Blog."