Sunday, October 18, 2009

Dettol Kills Cats!

Honestly. I was recently informed of this by my vet. She says no veterinary clinic has Dettol on the premises. One of its ingredients - a big long name I can't remember - causes almost instant respiratory failure and death. Is there a warning on the package? "Not recommended for use around cats." Well that's an understatement. And here's me with a bottle of it using it to clean and disinfect things around my poor Emma! Binned now. But here are two things I'm wondering. 1) If the makers of Dettol know how dangerous their product is to cats, why don't they remove the offending ingredient which is obviously not used in similar products like Savlon? 2) If it's that dangerous to cats, how safe can it be around babies?! And while I'm warning all you cat lovers to pass this on, please note that Easter lily plants - the ones with the orange powdery stamens - can also cause death to cats! The leaves are toxic to them but also if the orange stuff gets on their paws and they lick it off, they are in serious danger. If not treated within 18 hours, they will die of kidney failure. Florists have resisted putting any kinds of warnings on these plants, so again, the information must be passed by word of mouth. And if you don't believe me, google it!

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