Monday, October 12, 2009

Top Executives of American Tobacco Companies

I just watched "The Insider" on television. Fantastic film about corporate evil and the tremendous courage of one man who stood up for the truth. Then look what I found on youtube. You really have to wonder how these people sleep at night. But the the truth is there are so many of them: all those top executives making a fortune out of polluting air, water, human lungs, manufacturing and selling arms that they know are fuelling wars and killing women and children, defrauding pensioners and ruining lives with their scams (Enron, bankers etc), destroying small farms for agribusiness, abusing animals in giant factory farms, and don't forget all those corrupt politicians and lawmakers protecting same ... it goes on and on. Pure evil. Those who stand against them are called "leftists" or "anarchists" or "bleeding heart liberals." It's such a strange world we live in. Sometimes I honestly believe this is some level of hell and the demons rule!

toxic wastes.

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