Saturday, October 03, 2009

Yes to Bribery, Blackmail & Bullying

Well the Irish gave the correct answer to their European masters this time around. It was a decisive "yes" in the second referendum on the Lisbon Treaty aka new European constitution held because the Irish people did not give the right answer the first time. As one blog remarked there should now be a third referendum as this is a draw - one/one - in the so-called decision-making process. There's no question but that the single cause of this face-about in opinion was sheer terror that the European rulers would punish us for not playing ball; and we simply couldn't afford that given that our government has beggared us. Still, there's hope that the drive towards an undemocratic corporate united states of Europe may yet be halted. If the Czech euro-skeptics can hold out long enough till the British people get to vote, there is every likelihood the Conservative Party will win the next election. The latter have promised their people the referendum that the fake British Labour Party refused to give them. Politics makes strange bedfellows. Imagine depending on the British Conservative Party to save Irish sovereignty! These be bizarre times.

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