Thursday, December 10, 2009

Pete the Vet & Emma the Cat

Here's a video of my cat Emma who is almost totally recovered from a freak accident at home. I wouldn't let her out at night for safety's sake, so instead she knocked a glass bowl off the counter in the kitchen (which she knows she shouldn't be on) and fell on top of it somehow and cut her leg! I came downstairs the next morning and found a bloodbath and Emma looking sad and unable to walk. Big panic. Off to the vet. Six weeks locked indoors, four of that in a cage, two of that in a room. We nearly went mad, the two of us. (Finn is away at college in Galway, lucky thing). Emma's out and about again, thanks to the god of small animals and her vet, Jill. Here's my cat princess on Pete's Facebook website. Scroll down and look for his videos on your left. There's a dotey one of a poor little puppy who had to have something removed from his stomach that he shouldn't have eaten. (They are worse than kids that way.)

Sunday, December 06, 2009

No Time!

No time to blog these days, sorry. Working on two books at the same time, plus a teleplay! And Christmas is sneaking up on me with its own demands. Hope to have more to say soon. Meanwhile, as soon as I gather all the pics, I'll be posting about the amazing arts event at the Multyfarnham Franciscan Friary over on my Book Blog.