Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Getting Through the Winter

There were brief hints of spring there for a while but it's back to grey skies and cold rain with occasional falls of snow. (Coming home from a dance in the mountains on Saturday, it was a winter wonderland!) Best way to cheer oneself up: lighting fires, baking bread or muffins, and making homemade soup. Have done all three today and am about to get writing. Still working two books at the same time - one young adult, one adult - and YES I will have an announcement shortly. Two contracts are being finalised even as I speak. Watch this space.


Pat said...

We are getting through the winter too..coldest winter in Florida in 20 years...good luck with your current projects. Pat

Aideen said...
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OR Melling said...

Hello Aideen, how wonderful to hear from you. Yes, I did know about dear Breege's passing and I spoke with Paddy shortly afterwards. As your grandmother may have told you, she was not only a great friend to me but also an incredible source of stories about the fairies. She was the one who showed me Dunfinn on Inch Island, one of the settings in The Hunter's Moon. Thanks for writing and please give my love to all your family.