Sunday, June 20, 2010

Servants of Love

I made a joke about the 'church of the raw food' last year after attending a workshop on same. I found the food interesting but not particularly tasty or tempting except for the frozen banana 'ice cream.' (You just leave peeled bananas in your ice box until frozen, then mash them up. You can do it with a fork if you let them thaw a bit. They taste like fabulous ice cream but without the cream!) Anyhoo, now I've found the real church and the food is only incredible. Next time you are in County Wicklow, Ireland head down to Wicklow town and check out the café of the Servants of Love - They are a co-ed order of monks and nuns living in community and dedicated to healthy living, raw food and the arts. That may sound New Age in the Celtic Christianity tradition, but I understand they are conservative Roman Catholic and seeking recognition from Rome (an unlikely prospect given Rome's level of open-mindedness these days, i.e. nil). But omigod - pardon the pun - the food is only divine. So many flavours on one plate including varous sprouted things like sprouted radish (hot), beetroot marinated in ginger and pumpkin seed mayo (bought a jar, it tasted so good). You have to try it to believe it.

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