Saturday, September 04, 2010

Sheep Shearing in Scotland

Not long back from a great adventure in one of my favourite countries - Scotland. I spent a week on the island of Erraid (will discuss its literary aspect over on my Book Blog). It's a private island which the Findhorn Foundation has been asked to caretake. A small community runs a farm and garden there and invites people to come for work visits. Here's their website: I was in heaven as I took part in a sheep round-up - wandering all over the beautiful landscape of hills, bays and rocky cliffs - which ended with dosing and shearing. John did the big job of shearing all the sheep assisted by two other men while the women rolled up the fleeces and tied them in a big knot before storing them away in a plastic skip for shipping to Glasgow. We also swept away the excess wool from around John to keep his work space clear. We didn't finish till 8:30 pm but it was still light and the kitchen kept supper for us, hurrah! Being someone who played with toy farms instead of dolls as a child, I declare this the best day of my stay, but there were also wonderful times in the garden, around a bonfire, sharing delicious meals, and having the craic with my roomies, Heike and Gillian. More photos to come!


Anonymous said...

Wow Val! There ye be - rolling up the fleece! Would that be golden perchance? Geni

OR Melling said...

Ha ha, good one, Geni. There could be gold all right. :)

OR Melling said...

PS Who's Val?