Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Irish Economic Crisis Explained by Robots

Here is the Irish economic situation explained by two robots, which makes it funny to listen to but alas not funny to think about. But it ain't over yet, folks, as there is a possibility that a deal with an international grouping such as the IMF needs either Dáil approval or a referendum according to our Constitution. You have to wonder if our forefathers foresaw the kind of gombeen men who would be selling off our country in the future.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Celtic Warrior Princess on Facebook!

Thanks to my daughter Findabhair and Irish artist/illustrator James Brady, I've set up a Facebook page for The Celtic Warrior Princess. Do go look and click if you like! I've tried to post the link here but for some reason blogger won't let me (maybe some techno-head might be able to tell me the problem), but all you have to do is go to www.facebook.com and search "Celtic" you'll find it instantly. Meanwhile, I'm still in the editing process with the first book of the series, working with Canadian and American editors. Will keep you posted on news. (Image: (c) James Brady, Ireland)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Cute Rabbit Tale

Ruth who minds my cat, Emma, when I'm away told me a great story last year about her floppy-eared buck rabbit who broke out of his hutch and did a runner into the fields surrounding her home. (She lives in the countryside with husband, daughters, horses, cats, dogs and many a stray animal who wanders her way. A truly wonderful woman.) She was devastated that the rabbit broke free as she was sure he couldn't survive in the wilds. Well, by spring time she started to spot the little floppy-eared wild rabbits here and there and even caught sight of himself from time to time. You can just imagine how those wild does (female rabbits) reacted when he entered their domain. "Omigod, would ye look at the ears on that, isn't he only gorgeous?" (And did you spot the two puns in my title?)