Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Cute Rabbit Tale

Ruth who minds my cat, Emma, when I'm away told me a great story last year about her floppy-eared buck rabbit who broke out of his hutch and did a runner into the fields surrounding her home. (She lives in the countryside with husband, daughters, horses, cats, dogs and many a stray animal who wanders her way. A truly wonderful woman.) She was devastated that the rabbit broke free as she was sure he couldn't survive in the wilds. Well, by spring time she started to spot the little floppy-eared wild rabbits here and there and even caught sight of himself from time to time. You can just imagine how those wild does (female rabbits) reacted when he entered their domain. "Omigod, would ye look at the ears on that, isn't he only gorgeous?" (And did you spot the two puns in my title?)


Terry Findlay said...

We just lost a cat named Emma. Yesterday we brought home a new kitten, Mallory. She is a very affectionate, 4 month old female. Our current cat population stands at 5.

OR Melling said...

Ah sorry to hear about your Emma, Terry. It's heart-breaking when we lose them. I still miss my big pain-in-the-ass tomcat Hamish,who died in battle. Well done looking after all those felines. Good karma! :)