Thursday, February 24, 2011

Christian the Lion

This is a beautiful story that I was suspicious of at first and then discovered was utterly TRUE! Youtube has the full story on film in five parts plus interviews with the two men in 2008. This is a tale of love and friendship across the species divide. The man with the gun at the end is the famous George Adamson (Born Free). He's the one who introduced Christian (the lion) to the wild after the lion had been brought up in London by two young men in the 1960s. They saw him one more time after this reunion - a few years later - when he had a full mane. Christian hadn't been seen by Adamson in a long time yet strangely (or not, if you believe like me) the lion showed up when the two men arrived. Christian was very dignified this time, didn't jump on top of them, "I'm a full lion now" was his attitude, as one of the men said, but he was still affectionate and spent the night with them. After that they never saw him again. He went off to live out his life as a wild lion with his pride. He's not a tame lion, but he is good.

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Unknown said...

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