Saturday, May 14, 2011

Hiking Again!

And it nearly killed me. Jaze, I am utterly out of shape. We were deep in the heart of the Wicklow Mountains, astray on Stony Top and Tonelagee (anglicisation of Tón le Gaoithe - 'arse to the wind' - you gotta love the Irish.) A gorgeous day with sunshine and balmy breezes and a lost black dog whose owner finally found him. Cheese sandwiches, hot tea and chocolate were the standard fare. This is an arty shot of me, courtesy of Gerry Blake, photographer extraordinaire and fellow hiker. We cooled our feet in the clear shallow waters of the Glenmacnass River, just at the end, near the car park. (Dana crossed this river in The Light-Bearer's Daughter.) Lovely day but I'm going to have to do some serious exercising before I go back out again. I swear I thought I was going to DIE at one point.


Anonymous said...

a lost black dog whose owner finally found him>.
love it!

OR Melling said...

Yep, he accompanied us quite a bit of the way and sat down for lunch. Ate half my sandwich of home-made bread and cheddar cheese. One of our group was even prepared to adopt him! (We were out in the middle of nowhere. People have been known to abandon animals in the mountains - the rotters.) Happy ending, though. Owner pleased.